Vastu Shastra for Home: Enjoy Positive Energy By Transforming Your Home With These Vaastu Tips

March 26, 20230
Vastu Shastra for Home: Vaastu is an ancient Indian architectural system that focuses on aligning a building or space with natural forces and cosmic energies. Vaastu principles are thought to promote health, happiness, and prosperity for building occupants. If you are a first-time home buyer, here are some Vaastu tips to keep in mind when searching for a new home.

Location of the Property


The location of the property is an important consideration in Vaastu. It is advised to select a property located in a peaceful and calm environment, away from noisy or crowded areas. The property should also be located in an area with adequate ventilation and sunlight.


The direction of the House

In Vaastu, the direction of the house is very important. Different directions are thought to have different energies and can affect the occupants of the house in various ways. For example, a house facing east is considered good for health and well-being, whereas a house facing south-west can cause financial problems.

Vastu Sastra tips Vastu Tips For Homes


The shape of the Plot

Another important factor to consider in Vaastu is the shape of the plot. Selecting a plot with a square or rectangular shape is advised, as these shapes are thought to promote stability and harmony. Irregularly shaped plots can cause instability and problems for occupants.

Entrance to the House

The most important aspect of Vaastu is the entrance to the house. The main entrance should face east or north, as these directions are thought to bring positive energy and good luck. The entrance should also be well-lit and free of impediments.

Placement of Rooms

Vaastu places great emphasis on the layout of rooms in a house. For example, it is recommended that the master bedroom be placed in the southwest corner of the house, as this is thought to encourage good health and well-being. The living room should be in the northwest corner of the home, while the kitchen should be in the southeast corner.

Use of Colours

The impact of colour on our mindset and well-being is profound. According to Vaastu, the walls of the house should be painted in soft colours such as white, beige, and light blue. Avoid using dark colours such as red or black because they are said to attract bad energy.


To conclude, Vaastu is a centuries-old architectural philosophy that can help the residents of a building achieve health, happiness, and success. You can choose a new house that adheres to the principles of Vaastu and experience a harmonious and tranquil lifestyle while keeping these suggestions in mind.

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