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Bespoke Lifestyle

Epitome of Luxury


Our Philosophy

Western Group is dedicated to being the leading provider of Real Estate Services and Solutions. Since its inception in 1989, Western Group has grown to a leadership position in the Real Estate Industry. With the right technology, a history of steady growth and successful ventures, Western Group has proven to be an invaluable partner to the people.  Western Group is celebrating more than thirty years of providing the most innovative and environmental design solutions.
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CHOOSE YOUR TYPESophisticated and Spacious


We have a legacy of creating spaces around the most prime and blooming business spaces of Hyderabad.

WITNESS A PARADISEPioneering New Technologies

We thrive on the diversity and dynamism of the latest technologies and bring a sense of luxury to your dream home!

OUR FRAMEWORKDriving Values Through Sustainability

Green Building Materials

Renewable Energy Systems

Reduce & Reuse Resources

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